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how to organize your shoes

How to Organize Your Shoes

gorgeous walk-in closet dedicated to our shoe collections might be a fantasy that most of us cannot achieve, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t organize and store our shoes in style! Here are a few ways to keep your kicks coordinated with a few simple materials and a bit of creativity.

Crate Crazy

Old milk and wine crates offer simple, stackable storage solutions that are perfect for shoes. Each box can hold a few pairs of shoes–enough to be useful, but not so many that it becomes a big mess. Turn the crates so the bottom is against the wall and the opening faces out, and stack them as high as you can reach.

Trendy Pallets

If you like that rustic look, a repurposed pallet provides that farmhouse appeal with a modern approach to organization. Simply turn the pallet up against the wall, and stick the toes of your shoes between the slats. You won’t want to do this with your designer pumps, but sneakers and children’s shoes will be adorable in this arrangements.

For a rustic companion for your pallet that’s safe for your best pumps, prop an old ladder next to it and hang your pumps by the heels. Sorting your shoes by season and storing those you’re not using will help you make the most of every precious inch.

PVC Perfection

PVC pipes are inexpensive and easy to find. Just stop by your local home store and choose a size that’s wide enough for a pair of shoes – 6 inches is usually wide enough for most shoes, but you might want to find a bit wider for booties and hightops. Most home stores are happy to cut lengths of PVC into smaller sections if you ask nicely, but a cheap hacksaw will also get the job done. Pick up a bottle of Gorilla Glue or PVC cement when you’re there to make assembly simple.

If the cut ends are sharp, a bit of sandpaper can help take that down. If you’re happy with PVC white, a Magic Eraser will take off any scuff marks and stains. Or, cover the pipe in wallpaper or fabric that suits your style. Avoid paints, however, as they won’t adhere to the plastic and will start to flake off over time.

Under the Bed Ideas

If you’re trying to keep your collection less visible–or you don’t have the wall space for organization– here are a few ways to keep your shoes perfectly organized under the bed.

  • Wine Boxes. These cardboard powerhouses already have individual slots for each shoe so they’re ready to go as soon as you pick them up. Swing by the liquor store and ask if you can take a few off their hands.
  • Shoe Pouches. Instead of hanging a long set of shoe pouches over your door, cut them into rows and attach to the bottom of your bed. A simple bed skirt will keep them hidden.
  • Save the Boxes. Stack your boxes under your bed, but instead of having to haul out all the boxes to find the ones you want, attach a photo of the shoe to the end of the box for easy selection.

ProTip: Pick up a set of bed risers to lift your bed a few inches so you can store even more!

Shoe Organization Made Simple

If you don’t have a lot of space or an empty closet begging for a makeover, these tips and tricks will keep your collection corralled so you can keep on shopping! For help with your housecleaning Contact the friendly housecleaning experts at Molly Maid today!